Sri Ramakrishna Math &
Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA


The Math and the Mission together have 236 centres spread over 27 countries of the world. The Headquarters of these centres are situated in Belur Math.

Math Notice

  • Sri Sri Durga Puja 201914 Sep 2019

    Sri Sri Durga Puja will be celebrated from 3rd October to 8th October, 2019. Sri Sri Lakshmi Puja and sri Sri Kali Puja will also be held on Sunday, 13th October & Sunday, 27th October, 2019 respectively at Ramakrishna Math Nirala Nagar Lucknow.
    Sri Sri Durga Puja, 2019 at Ramakrishna Math, Lucknow